June 14th
WTC, in São Paulo

The main meeting on connectivity and innovation in Brazil
Special attractions
Hybrid format

The main meeting on connectivity and innovation in Brazil

Special attractions

Hybrid format

WTC, Sao Paulo June, 14th 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Royal Tulip, in Brasilia September, 12th and 13th

More innovative, dynamic and connected

Innovation is the essence of the telecommunications industry.  To keep up with the advances in connectivity, PANEL TELEBRASIL continues to reinvent itself and consolidates itself as the most important connectivity and innovation meeting in the country, revealing trends and perspectives that directly influence the competitiveness of the telecom market and everyone’s life The Brazilians.

An interaction platform and information hub for public and private actors, the event aims to offer an updated view of the institutional, regulatory and economic agenda that is increasingly guiding operators, technology companies and consumers towards digital transformation.

In 2023, PAINEL TELEBRASIL will continue in a hybrid format with two editions. THE PANEL TELEBRASIL SUMMIT, in Brasilia, and the unprecedented PANEL TELEBRASIL INNOVATION, in Sao Paulo. INNOVATION arrives in Sao Paulo to bring the telecommunications industry even closer to other economic sectors.

June 14th | 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
WTC in Sao Paulo

A great novelty in this edition, INNOVATION brings a dialogue between the connectivity and digital services sector with different business segments, exploring new opportunities for joint business, transforming models, new services and business and technological strategies.

This is a new chapter in the expected evolution of PANEL TELEBRASIL. The proposal is to broaden the discussion on business opportunities and economic and social potential of connectivity and digital services. Held for the first time in São Paulo, the meeting will bring together leaders who define the strategies of companies that provide and use information technologies for debates and reflections on technologies, business models, strategic partnerships and the development of an innovation ecosystem.

September 12nd and 13th
Royal Tulip in Brasilia

In 2023, the TELEBRASIL SUMMIT PANEL will bring back the main debates on the institutional, regulatory agenda and on sectoral public policies. But now, with a multisectoral approach, in which connectivity and digital transformation permeate the sectoral policies of different economic activities, such as agribusiness, industrial development, public and private services, smart cities, the financial sector, among others.

The meeting will bring together more than 900 participants around the most relevant themes for the telecommunications sector. During the two-day event, interlocutors from the public and private sectors will launch a vision of the future for the Brazilian telecom industry, debating its strategic dimension for the country’s economic and social development.


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June 14th ———— Sao Paulo

September 12th and 13th – Brasilia

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